Short Version

Download the latest s3pe installer and run it, hitting enter all the way through.

NOTE: As of 2012, you need .Net 4 for all of sims3tools.

Detailed Installation


Please refer to the following threads:

Using the provided installer program

Things to plan

  1. Decide where you want to install - the default location is "{Program Files}\s3pe".
  2. Decide if you want a Start menu entry created.
  3. Decide if you want to associate package files with s3pe: this lets you open a package by clicking on it in windows explorer.
  4. Decide if you want to have a SendTo option: this lets you import files into a package by right-clicking in windows explorer.

Running the installer

  1. Download "s3pe_{version}.exe" from the support forum thread.
  2. Run the downloaded installer with sufficient authority to write to your chosen install folder, the Start menu and to update the registry.
  3. If the installer finds the program in use, it will ask you to exit and retry (or abort the install).
  4. If the installer finds a version of the program installed, it will prompt for you to allow uninstallation first (or abort the install).
  5. You will be asked to agree to the GNU General Public License Version 3. (Subject to the GPL3 terms, you can use and modify the source for s3pe - if you're interested. The program comes with NO WARRANTY.)
  6. You will be offered some installation options - here's where you tell the installer about associating s3pe with package files and having a SendTo menu entry.
  7. You will be asked where to install the program.
  8. The installer will follow your choices for placing the program in the chosen location, adding an entry to your Start menu, updating the registry and adding a SendTo link.

That finishes installing the program!

Using the binary archive

  1. Download "s3pe_{version}.7z"
  2. Extract the archive into the folder you want to run the program from.
  3. Put a shortcut to s3pe.exe on your start menu if you want.

Removing (using the provided un-installer programs)

s3pe can be uninstalled through "Add/Remove Programs" or the provided Start menu entry for the uninstaller.